To assess glee, the fresh Subjective Joy Measure (SHS) was used

To assess glee, the fresh Subjective Joy Measure (SHS) was used


One-dimensional questionnaire contained four affairs rated to your a good eight-area Likert scale (range: 1–7; measure accuracy: Cronbach’s alpha = .82).

The fresh Fulfillment with Life Scale (SWLS) was applied to measure in the world existence fulfillment . The five pieces of this 1-dimensional survey have been ranked on good 7-point Likert measure (1 = strongly differ; 7 = firmly consent; level precision: Cronbach’s alpha = .92) .

Determine strength, the only-dimensional Italian language Strength Measure 11 (RS-11) was used [56,57]. Professionals rated eleven activities into a 7-part Likert measure (step one = disagree; 7 = agree; measure precision: Cronbach’s alpha = .91).

Personal knowledgeable otherwise anticipated service about social media are counted towards one to-dimensional Italian language Survey Personal Service (F-SozU K-14) comprising 14 issues ranked into a 5-section Likert size (step 1 = not the case; 5 = true; size accuracy: Cronbach’s alpha = .94).

Narcissism was mentioned on the thirteen push-choices structure items of new Narcissistic Identity Collection thirteen (NPI-13; level precision: Cronbach’s leader = .82) .

The latest personality traits of the “Larger Four” was basically assessed towards Large Five Index 10 (BFI-10) The 10 factors had been rated into an excellent 5-part Likert measure (step 1 = differ strongly; 5 = consent strongly). Correspondingly, one or two activities belonged to a single of one’s four scales extraversion (scale accuracy: Cronbach’s leader = .89), agreeableness (Cronbach’s leader = .74), conscientiousness (Cronbach’s leader = .82), neuroticism (Cronbach’s leader = .86), and you will transparency (Cronbach’s alpha = .79).

Determine the fresh new participants’ notice-regard, new Italian language sort of the brand new Single-Items Thinking-Value Size (SISE) was used . Users were questioned to price on the a 5-part Likert scale how much cash brand new report “I’ve large notice-regard.” used on on their own (step one = cannot be entirely true away from me; 5 = very true from me personally).

The latest Despair Stress Fret Bills 21 (DASS-21) was applied to size anxiety, stress and anxiety symptoms [62,63]. The whole questionnaire contained three reliable seven-item balances, which have been rated to the 4-point Likert scales (0 = don’t affect me after all; 3 = placed on me quite definitely otherwise most of the time; level reliability: depression: Cronbach’s alpha = .83, anxiety: Cronbach’s leader = .78, stress: Cronbach’s alpha = .87) [64,65].

In addition, professionals was basically inquired about the social network fool around with. First, Internet play with is actually mentioned (“How many times are you willing to use the internet general?”). Within the next action, the fresh new SNSs fool around with was analyzed (“How many times are you willing to play with social media sites?”). The answer for inquiries was given on the an effective eight-point Likert measure (0 = never; 1 = less than once a month; dos = from time to time thirty days; step 3 = weekly; 4 = once or twice each week; 5 = once a day; 6 = more often than once a day). Following, members was in fact asked whether or not they are a member of one’s SNSs Fb, Myspace, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ or any other system (0 = no; 1 = yes).

Mathematical analyses

The Analytical Bundle for the Social Sciences (SPSS) variation 21 was utilized for everyone mathematical analyses [66,67]. Basic, the latest technique of this new examined character traits and you will mental health parameters was in fact opposed anywhere between Fb users and Fb non-users from the calculating multivariate analysis off variance (MANOVA). Following Steven’s recommendation never to use over 10 centered details in one single MANOVA, we conducted several MANOVAs. The original studies integrated mind-respect, narcissism and “Big Five” traits. Due to the fact Box’s attempt is actually non-significant, i put Pillai’s trace once the a great multivariate take to. The next study integrated this new mental health variables life satisfaction, strength, personal help, delight, anxiety, anxiety, and you may stress. Here, Box’s sample try significant, thus, the fresh Hotelling’s trace statistics were utilized. Although not, all four multivariate evaluating exhibited similar show.